New Hampshire | He Lives His Optimism Through His Actions


Francisco Pucciarello shows off his bicycle and Pan African Flag as he stops in Montgomery, Ala. on Saturday July 25, 2015 after finishing his bicycle ride for black lives from Harlem to Atlanta.

My son, Francisco is my hero. He recently rode a bicycle from Harlem to Montgomery flying the Pan African flag to generate conversations about healing the racial divide in the US. He saved his grocery money to buy a plane ticket and flew to Baltimore to help heal that community, and to St. Louis when that city was torn by racial violence.

Before this trip, Francisco became inspired educate himself about how other children his age lived by traveling to other continents where he completed service projects in Kenya, Ecuador, India and Cambodia beginning at age 13.  He participated in the Alternatives to Violence program in the NH prison system, for which he volunteered while attending community college. He currently lives in Harlem, NY, where he works with the community leaders from several peaceful activist groups to bring change to the community.

In a country torn by fear and hatred, he lives his optimism through his actions and his belief in our ability to create a better world for all of our people. – Colleen



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