Light up a room with this graphic-inspired jack-o’-lantern stencil

Good times encouraged, witchcraft not required.

There’s something special about working with our hands. We feel more patient, stress less—and did we mention the satisfaction of a completing a project? It’s a creative outlet with such feel-good effects that come Halloween, we’re howling for the chance to whip up as many homemade decorations as possible.

We know that the sweetest results of any-do-it-yourself endeavor are best when shared. So, we took one of our favorite Halloween graphics and turned it into a stencil for all ages and levels of crafty expertise. Use it to carve up a pumpkin or two alongside your favorite little ghouls and ghosties. Or big ghouls and ghosties, because you’re finally at the age where you actually want to eat those seeds.

Click to download stencil

Click to download stencil

Alright, let’s get down to business:

1. After downloading your stencil, adjust its scale according to the size of your pumpkin. Once it fits, print it out.

2. Give your pumpkin a quick wash and place it on newspaper for easy cleanup.

3. Using a knife with a long, sturdy blade, cut a circle around the stem of your pumpkin. Once the stem is fully detached, remove the seeds from inside.

4. Take your stencil and trim off the black pieces using scissors or a craft knife.

5. From here, press your stencil to the smoothest side of your pumpkin and tape in place.

6. Use a marker to trace inside your stencil. Tor a more seamless cutout, punch along the inside of your stencil with a tack or nail.

7. Once you’re done marking the design, cut it out while using your tracings or punched holes as a guide. Be sure to start with the facial features first.

Adults, take note: If you’re carving as a parent-kid duo, the steps calling for sharp objects are yours to tackle. But if your child wants to try, start them off with one of the smaller tools. You never know; you just might be raising a tiny Rodin.