The Challenge

Experts agree that the single greatest health crisis facing children in America is exposure to adverse childhood experiences.

Our Solution

We are in the life-changing relationship business.

We believe that healing, life-changing relationships are the foundation of making life good for kids. Research shows that even ONE trusted relationship with a skilled, loving adult can help protect children from the catastrophic, long-term effects of childhood trauma.

Many children are fortunate to be born surrounded by loving adults. Their parents, extended families and communities have the resources and abilities to support their children’s healthy development.

But, when there’s not a skilled, loving adult at home – or tragic circumstances (illness, disaster, poverty) overwhelm a child’s system of care – a critical line of defense comes from the men and woman who dedicate their careers to helping support the healthy development of children. These childcare professionals – we call them Playmakers – can be found in schools, camps, hospitals, and in a wide variety of social service agencies.

The Life is Good Kids Foundation believes that every child needs a Playmaker. By partnering with organizations serving the most vulnerable children, we help childcare professionals nurture life-changing relationships that serve as the source of healing and vehicle of learning for all children.

See the Difference


“I want my hospital to be a safe haven. Burn treatments are painful, but Conga lines with staff can provide the perfect remedy for kids. As a Playmaker, I believe that choice, laughter & positivity truly heal.”

– Danielle Martello, Child Life Specialist

Dwayne reading story

“One of my 1st grade students came in one day and told me that there are no important people in our community because he hardly ever sees anyone wearing a tie. I’ve worn a tie to school every day since. And now my students do too. For me, being a Playmaker is about helping kids feel seen and important.”

– Dwayne Nuñez, Elementary School Teacher


“One of my clients experienced significant amounts of trauma. When we first met, her reaction to a new adult was to fall mute and become limp, her mind and body were in a constant state of fight or flight. By using the Playmaker approach we were able to build a relationship in a predictable, safe, and joyful environment. She now greets me at the beginning of our sessions with a smile and an extended hand, excited to lead me to the office.”

– Megan Knoster, LCSW