Upcoming Playmaker Events

Community of Practice Meet-Ups for current Playmakers
December 6th, 2019
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Who are Playmakers?

A Playmaker is someone who spreads the power of optimism to children who desperately need it.

The Life is Good Kids Foundation is growing the Playmaker movement primarily by working with entire childcare organizations to build Playmaker practices and culture. For those individuals who are not connected with an organization that wants to partner with us, we will continue to host a limited number of Two-Day Retreats this year.

Our Retreats are specifically designed to help childcare professionals deepen their understanding of trauma-informed, playful engagement and build life-changing relationships with children in their care. We will grow our practice of innovating and adapting day-to-day work to more effectively care for children by creating the most joyful, loving, safe & empowering, and engaging environments possible.  Through a balance of presentations, experiential activities and group discussions, we will also explore our personal development and wellness.



For Questions or Training requests email: info@ligplaymakers.org