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Sign-up here for a 15-20 minute call with a Playmaker coach. Support calls are an opportunity for individualized support in bringing the Playmaker approach into your personal and professional practice.

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Playmaker Discovery Slides


These slides include helpful descriptions of all the activities covered in the Playmaker Discovery as well as the theoretical framework behind our philosophy and approach.

Tree of Optimism

DOWNLOAD a PDF copy of the tree.

Steve's Superpower Poem

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“Now more than ever the world needs superheroes, but not the kind who fly…”


CLICK HERE to listen to the rest of Steve’s poem.

Playmaker 2-Day Manuals

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The manuals include a wealth of games and activities and are organized by the 3 different environments Playmakers typically work in: Early EducationEnrichment and Health.


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Download our original research reports and learn more about the Playmaker approach and its measurable impact on children and care providers.

More on Trauma

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As Playmakers, we choose to focus on the good but we also need to acknowledge what we’re up against. Click below for some of our go-to resources that help deepen our understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) on children’s brains and behaviors.

Awareness-Building Exercises


These reflective exercises will help you be cat hair detectors and o’playsis builders in and out of work! If you have any questions or would like to share your reflections, sign up for a support call with a Playmaker coach.

Personal Playmaker Practice


We believe that you can’t spread what you don’t have. Use this plan to help you focus on & grow those 4 key ingredients of o’playsis in your own life.

For a little more structure in goal-setting, use this template.

Game Videos


Hot, Hot Hands

Body Shakes

Tune In

As you experienced in your retreat, music is the secret sauce in so many Playmaker activities. Check out these original and curated song lists that help our community spread good vibes!



Headspace is like a gym membership for your mind. Through their Get Some Give Some program, Playmakers receive a complimentary subscription to Headspace’s online meditation program ($155 value) in recognition of the amazing work you do!

Use this link to sign up and then enter our exclusive Playmaker Code to download your subscription: GSPLAYMAKER1Y

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The Playmaker 101 was just the start. Our team wants to stay connected to you and provide you with the ongoing support you need to be your very best with the kids in your care. We want to hear from you!