The 2016 Kids T-Shirt Art Contest Results

What we focus on grows. So we asked kids to help us grow the good by drawing what makes life good for them – and helping create a special collection Life is Good tees. The results were beautiful, hilarious, and inspiring. Over 7,500 entries (thank you kids!) led us to these stellar works of wonder…

The 3 Tees

(By Kids, to Help Kids)

Three drawings were (impossibly:) selected by our entire team to form Life is Good’s first-ever Kids Art Collection. 100% of the net profits will go to support the work of the Life is Good Kids Foundation, which partners with leading childcare organizations to positively impact the quality of care delivered to our nations most vulnerable children.

Meet the Artists (and scroll down a bit to meet all our finalists!)








Drawing Wisdom from Kids

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“Kids today. How well do you think you know them?  If you asked kids from all across the country “what makes life good for you”, what do you think that they’d tell you? Raise your hand if you think that most of them would say stuff like playing video games or getting new toys or going to amusement parks or eating ice cream or watching movies? If you raised your hand, put it down and get ready to learn something beautiful. ”

Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker & MSW, is a clinical social worker and a pioneer in the field of using playful engagement and relationships to overcome the devastating impact of early childhood trauma. Here he shares some uplifting discoveries from the thousands of kids who shared what makes their life good.


Why Life is Good

Kids Drawings by Category

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The Finalists

These young girls and boys created mini masterpieces of their own, contest finalists we just had to share! Meet the artists.











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