Voyage is defined as a long journey taken typically by sea or in space.

And while large bodies of water and outer space can be challenging to access, the space we’re in is always there (or rather, here) for us.

An important part of our practice as Playmakers is taking “joyages.” Intentionally using the time and space you already have to increase your joy.

You can joyage outside for a meeting, or into that new place around the corner that you keep talking about checking out.

The only key ingredient to the joyage is joy itself. Joy is deep.

It’s more than the fleeting pleasure of binging on Netflix or empty carbs. We feel it when we practice gratitude for things – small and large – in the service of building a stronger connection with ourselves and others.

This month The Life is Good Kids Foundation invites you to book your own joyage, and let us know where it takes you by tagging @LifeisGood using #Joyage.

Bon Joyage!
The Life is Good Kids Foundation