The Sarara Elephant

Support Conservation International in developing a program that could improve the way we protect nature everywhere in the world

By Bert Jacobs, Life is Good co-founder and Chief Executive Optimist

Conservation International is a worldwide nonprofit, with the goal of protecting nature as a source of food, water, and livelihood by creating stability in a region’s ecosystem.

Summit is a global community of entrepreneurs and creative professionals who collaborate in order to enable positive impact on people, and our planet too.  In September of 2016, I travelled with Summit and Conservation International to Northern Kenya to learn about wildlife conservation. It was my first trip to Africa, and it did not disappoint. The vivid natural colors, the glorious morning and evening light, and the sweeping open landscapes were breathtaking. The abundance of life forms had our full attention every day. Beautiful, strong, fast, massive, flying, running, crawling, climbing – we witnessed it all.  And we learned that the entire ecosystem is threatened by the poaching of elephants and habitat loss.

Even the fate of the people in this region – the Samburu Tribe – are intimately intertwined with the fate of the elephants.

img_8468-copy(Bert Jacobs and members of the CI team during the treatment of an injured elephant)

At Life is Good, we believe that whenever we are faced with obstacles, there are opportunities if we look closely. In this case, it’s creating a sustainable, community led conservation model in Kenya (and beyond). The plan involves a visionary partnership between CI and the Northern Rangelands Trust with the intention to chart a new course toward sustainability. This will safeguard over 850,000 acres of wilderness, provide for sanctuary for elephants and other wildlife, and ensure sustainable livelihoods for the indigenous people of the region.

In an effort to support Conservation International in developing a program that could improve the way we protect nature everywhere in the world, we created this Limited-Edition Life is Good Sarara Elephant t-shirt. The design is inspired by the beautiful beadwork of the Samburu people. I hope you will join our effort with the purchase of this T-shirt today. 100% of the profits will go directly to Conservation International to be directed to this worthy project.