Illinois | The Good that Life Brings to Other People


As a hospice nurse, Deena faces difficult circumstances with her patients and their families on a daily basis. She is excellent at her job in helping patients and families cope with these most difficult moments because she focuses on the positive aspects of life.

Deena mentors younger relatives, encouraging them to put the past behind them and start again in a new direction because every day is a new day.

She doesn’t just quote that things do not matter and it is people that matter, but demonstrates it in her actions.

Deena recently even paid the rent of a downstairs neighbor who is down on his luck, with no idea when or if the money will be returned, because she doesn’t just preach that life is good: sometimes she is the good that life brings to other people.

When you ARE the good thing that happens to others, by being their soft place to land on a tough day, by listening, by encouraging, by redirecting thoughts and emotions to a better place, by providing constant reminders that there is always the opportunity to try again tomorrow, well…life is good.

And if you have Deena as a friend, relative, coworker or neighbor, you will FEEL that in her presence.



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