Idaho | She Always Held Her Head High



My granddaughter Cassie is my hero. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was three years old.  She went through almost three years of chemo at Primary Children’s Hospital, which is almost four hours away from her home.  Some visits to the hospital turned into a week’s stay or more. Cassie always held her head high and tried to stay positive.

While she was fighting her leukemia, her Papa Todd was fighting colon cancer at the same time. Cassie has won her fight against leukemia and her tests continue to come back clean.

Unfortunately her Papa Todd, my husband, recently lost his fight against colon cancer. Cassie is seven years old now and is heartbroken about her Papa, but continues to hold her head high and inspire so many around her. She often gives messages and advice that most adults wouldn’t have to give.

Cassie is my hero and inspires me daily to be positive, understanding and full of love. I thank God every day for my Cassie.




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