Georgia | You Will Always Be This Mama’s Hero

Melissa's Hero of Optimsim


HOO_MelissaJamesMy beautiful daughter reminds me to focus on the good everyday. I have had the privilege of being her mom since she was 3 days old. She was born testing positive for drugs, she was left nameless at the hospital, and even now she often gets sick because her immune system is still suppressed from her first mom’s drug use. She has faced so much in her 14 months on this planet and yet you hardly ever see her without a smile. She is the sunshine in every day. I am not sure where this journey will take her or me, but I know that she is the good in my life. She reminds me everyday of how precious life is and how amazing every milestone is. Life with her is good even when it’s also scary, hard, and uncertain. You are my hero Sassy girl. Whether we have a moment or a lifetime you will always be this Mama’s hero.

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