That’s the spirit: Our favorite office Halloween costumes

It’s not every day that you turn the corner and run into a werewolf designer. Well, at least not in our office. Except on Halloween. That’s when we set aside the usual suit and tie—uh, we mean t-shirt and jeans—and get silly. Or scary. Or whatever gives us the excuse to walk over to the desk with the best candy and say, “Trick or treat?”

From zombies to handmaids, beanie babies, and big babies, here are some of our favorite Halloween costumes that continue to…haunt…us.

Zombies: Stef, Bill, John and Craig (Life is Good Ecomm., Graphics, Marketing, and Production teams)

Big Babies: Jake, Carolle, Joyce (Life is Good Distribution Team)

Cat in the Hat: Bert Jacobs (Life is Good Co-Founder)

Deviled Egg: Julianna (Life is Good Graphics Production Team)

Ty Beanie Babie: Ollie (Life is Good Heeza Good Boy Team)

Spice Girls: Heather, Kim, Kathy, and Alex (Life is Good Customer Service Team)

Glenda the Good Witch: Colleen (Head of Optimistic People)

Life is Good Crew in Boston Office

Hugh and his Bunny: Life is Good Co-Founders, John and Bert Jacobs

Handmaid’s Tale: Mary and Ryann (Marketing Team)

Meowalynn Monroe & Cleocatra: Kim & her feline friend (Life is Good Customer Service Team)

Rosie the Riveter: Erin (Creative Marketing Team)

Flapper Girl: Barb (Accessories Design Team)

Life is Good Crew in Hudson, NH Office