Dream Court

Keeping Keyshawn's memory alive in Long Beach.

Optimism doesn’t ignore what’s wrong – it helps you focus on what’s right. We’ve learned through the years that life isn’t easy and life isn’t perfect, but life is good. We are committed to giving back and helping to make life good for all kids.  DreamCourts is a program that was started by Nancy Lieberman (Sacramento Kings Asst. Coach) to build multisport courts at Boys and Girls Club locations. Tragically, this year at the Long Beach, CA location a young boy Keyshawn Brooks was killed outside on his way home from school. When Life is Good heard about the need for a safe place to play in Long Beach, they stepped up to support the building of the DreamCourt along with actress Leah Remini and her sister Nicole.
We are committed to giving back and helping to make life good for all kids. After tragedy struck, we followed the lead of the community to take what happened to Keyshawn and turn it into something positive. We’re hoping that the DreamCourt and having a safe place to play can be a new reason to focus on the good. Friends and family have said of Keyshawn:
“He truly impacted people more than we even know. He showed me that no matter what is going on with life, there is always something to be happy about. I want to take what happened to Keyshawn and turn it into something positive. I pray God will use this to bring him glory and to reclaim the streets of Long Beach.” 
“I believe my son’s life and death had a meaning…I would ask the community to really get behind Keyshawn’s movement. It’s time for a change. Our kids are really at war on these streets. It’s not only physical, but it’s also spiritual.”