In June 2013, Sam and Erica left their home to embark on a 2 year, 30,000 mile journey together from Alaska to Argentina. 


In June 2013, Sam Christiansen and Erica Victorson left from Utah for the trip of their lives. Frustrated with a mundane lifestyle spent working, the pair saved up all of their money and paid off all debts that they owed throughout a five-year period. After clearing their slate, they left for their 30,000-mile adventure down the Pan-American Highway, which stretches from Alaska down to Argentina.

According to an article by Newser, the pair purchased a camper truck in order to undergo the 2-year journey. Rather than just driving straight for the entire journey, Sam and Erica have made it a point to get “off of the beaten path” in order to experience the areas that most tourists do not.

They stated in an interview with KSL that they hope that their trip will inspire others to live their dreams, no matter what. Victorison commented that, “everyone has dreams, and I think that slowly finding a way to make them happen is the most terrifying and empowering things we can do.”

Not all who wander are lost!