California |This Place is Unbelievable



Tell Us Something Good About Your Home State.

I live in the semi-small town of Yucaipa in So-cal, which is just west of Palm Springs. This place is unbelievable. If hiking in the mountains is your thing, Big Bear Lake is the place to go. Just 45 minutes away. There is a ski resort for snow dwellers and an awesome lake for summer sports. Hiking, camping, mountain biking, everything. If you are a desert rat, drive to Palm Springs or better yet, 40 minutes away you can hike and rock climb at Joshua Tree National Park, it’s amazing there. The night sky is something you have to experience! Is the beach where your soul is at peace? It’s an hour away. From where I live, I can conceivably rock climb in Joshua tree in the morning, surf the pacific in the afternoon and night ski in Big Bear all in the same day. But seriously if you love the ocean then you have to drive up the Hwy 1. It will take you from San Diego to San Francisco. Morro Bay is a must. Let’s talk about Yosemite…ever see Half Dome? Did you ever drive through a Redwood tree? I have 🙂 California is beautiful and full of history. The San Diego Missions are beautiful. The Ghost towns of Bodi and Calico have been preserved so when you walk down the streets you can imagine yourself living in the 1800’s. If you are into glitz and glam (not all from Cali are) then Hollywood it is. I enjoy the theater, so in an hour and a half I can be in LA watching the Phantom of the Opera. After all this, I can return home to my sleeper town and know I’m safe and sound, thanks to the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department. (They rock 🙂

What are you grateful for?

God, good people, kindness, love, compassion, pizza. My amazing daughters and my amazing son who left us five years ago to go see Jesus.

How do you #GROWtheGood?

I’m a probation officer, I spend every day lifting people up when they INSIST on being down! I’m also a graduate student to be a therapist. In two weeks I start therapy for foster kids. I’m praying that I don’t adopt them all…or God gives me a bigger house!
Unofficial State Song of California

“Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow-Shawn Langley

-Sandy M.




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