Boston Celtics 50-50

There was still an air of sadness following the recent passing of Celtics legend (and true Hero of Optimism) Jo Jo White (which occurred on the night LiG was originally supposed to be part of the action) and the more recent retiring of later legend Paul “The Truth” Pierce. Even so, the dedicated team from Life is Good Kids Foundation was able to bring the love as they energetically engaged the crowd before and during the Celtics’ Valentines’ Day game against the Los Angeles Clippers in an effort to sell 50-50 raffle tickets to raise money for the Life is Good Kids Foundation and for the Celtics’ Shamrock Foundation.

In addition to LiG team members and friends, the ticket-selling crew contained volunteers from UMass, Northeastern, Boston University, as well as UPS and Kiohl’s. After some courtside selfies and other explorations of the historic halls of Boston Garden, the team met with Celtics representatives to get their training and their tallying tech before dispersing throughout the concourses to encourage fans to show a little love for kids in need.

“Give a few bucks to help a million kids,” bellowed Amanda Goodwin, who teamed up with her son to appeal to the crowds as they passed by.

“That’s smart marketing,” one fan observed as she passed by the dynamic duo before turning back to buy tickets from the youthful salesman.

Other teams of two came up with such Valentines’ Day-appropriate pickup lines as “Win a few thousand bucks and take your Valentine out on a nice date” and “Twenty bucks for 60 tickets is a better deal than $50 for roses.”

Just before the game began, the entire auditorium came together in a moment of silence for that day’s school shooting in Parkland, FL- just another example of why the LiG Foundation is so necessary.

By tip-off, the LiG team had already raised $5000, which was twice what most other 50-50 efforts raise before the game starts. Eager to do more to help the 10,000 caregivers across the US and Haiti who benefit from their efforts, the Foundation team pressed on all the way through halftime, when the raffle officially ended.

After spending time in the bowels of the arena counting the earnings, the Foundation walked away with nearly $4500 in earnings that will be put to immediate use supporting children through programs that foster their physical and mental health and well being.

“We want to thank you all for helping us out,” said Goodwin as the team celebrated their good work and collected their “thank you” gifts from the Celtics, “and for helping out the kids!”