Your Best Road Trip Starts Here

A while back we asked our Facebook and Instagram communities for road trip recommendations. Now you might want to get your maps out:

@sodapopsicecreamparlor Make sure to stop for ice cream!

@dianatrotterweimergroup Plan out places to stop along the way, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, and have fun!

@payton_soehn66 Headphones and have a tooth brush on hand

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@nckstagram Always bring a GoPro with!!!! 😉🙌🏼

@the.wilderness.collective Always have lots of snacks in reach, have the camera ready if you see any wildlife or spur of the moment activities and lastly, keep exploring! Road trips can get super tiring but the longer you persevere, the more wonderful the outcomes! This is a great idea folks! Can’t wait to read the full thing!

@thegraceedrake Spotify premium, a dog, someone you love🤟

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@reality_designs Never make any plans. Other than maybe the place you want to finish off the trip with. Keeping road trips spontaneous are what make it fun and exciting, and fresh. You never know what you may find out there

@Kathleen Bell #1. Get paper maps because your cell phone gps won’t always work. #2 Don’t rush it. #3 Bring plenty of water, snacks and cash. #4 Check in with family once in a while so they know you’re alive. #5 Above all, have a good time and take lots of pictures!

@Martijn Lanjouw Duct Tape. Don’t ever leave home without Duct Tape. If you want to camp on you trip; Bring a Coton Tent.  If you want to find your way; Bring a Paper Map. If you want to take pictures; Bring a SLR Camera.

@therunningveteran Don’t use the GPS. Plot your route on a map and each night decide where you want to get to the next day. It’ll force you to look around, give you a chance to stop at cool places,and make you meet people when you ask for directions.

@ofgoodnature We like GOOD friends and seatbelts ✌️

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@barb72861 Find the right person who’ll be the Thelma to your Louise! One who will stop for potty breaks so you can also stretch your legs and get truck stop food. One who has your back, no matter what in life. Finding food trucks. Walking the town just to check it out. Basically, my husband. 😍 And SiriusXM radio. DEFINITELY SiriusXM radio! 😊😎🚘

@philsons05 I always packed a new little toy for the small ones. Pay attention to the gas in so many miles signs especially when heading west through deserts.

@wildflower_merbabe Groovy playlist, good friends (2 & 4 legged 🐶), and spontaneity! Back roads are the best way to see America 🇺🇸 currently on a cross country trip!

@mysquaredstyle A huge bag of sunflower seeds and a sweater because my boyfriend likes to blast the AC and I get cold so fast. ❄️

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@catieb73 Also, strike up conversations with strangers. Listen to their stories, and share a bit of yours. You never know what you can learn by listening to someone else’s story.

@max_the_rat_terrier Plan for your “can’t miss”…know the days and hours open. Wing the in between. Take it in, appreciate it, be in the moment…you might never see this place again. Bring lots of water and snacks.

@samijcarter The co-pilot can’t snooze on the job! 🚗🚦🛣

@specknick Avoid the traffic, even if it takes longer to go around. Take the byways and the ferries. Have a plan A, B, C, & D…and be open to the rest of the alphabet. Water bottles, good snacks and cool stops. And above all else, an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a smile !