Our good friend Anna King has a poem to share this month, check it out! 


Where I’m From

I’m from cold winters

and warm nights.


I’m from the simple wooden house

and a bright red door.


I’m from where my parents grew up

and where our family of four began.


I’m from where everyone knows your name

and small town mentality.


I’m from music flowing through our home

and warm candles lit for evening.


I’m from boating on the lake

and camping in the mountains.


I’m from ice cream shops

and picnics at friends.


I’m from lemonade stands

and only 3 cars passing by.


I’m from bonfires on the beach

and parties with old friends.


I’m from having friends 5 minutes away

and having friends 5 states away.


I’m from having money

and not having money.


I’m from being healthy

and being very sick.


I’m from a long wait

and an unimaginable gift.


I’m from the best of times

and the worst of times.


I’m from where life is good.


Where are you from?


Anna King, 15, is a featured contributor to Good Vibes. She is a life long friend of The Life is Good Company, and we were lucky to meet her and be a part of her amazing journey. After a 832 days on the heart transplant waiting list, in August of 2014 Anna received the ultimate gift. Each day she is a constant inspiration. To learn more about Anna’s story visit Consider becoming an organ donor: #Loveofadonor