How to Create Your Own Luck

Anna King let us know what her thoughts are on luck. Take a look for some inspiration! 

Luck is invisible to us. When we think of luck, we often think of winning the lottery or finding money on the street. We don’t see the “lucky” things that surround us.

What we don’t realize is that luck is everywhere.

Luck is being able to sit down with your family for dinner.

Luck is being able to go to work or school everyday.

Luck is being able to be with the people who love us.

We are all so lucky, even when it seems the opposite. There are times when I don’t want to find the luck in my life. But only looking at the “un-lucky” things is no way to live your life.

Whenever I feel myself in a negative and depressed mood, I take a minute to think of all the lucky things in my life. It works. Luck is a decision. You can create your own luck simply by focusing on the good things.

When I got home from being in the hospital after my heart transplant, I felt like the luckiest kid on Earth. Just to be home, I felt lucky.

To many people St. Patrick’s day represents green beer, parades, leprechauns, and parties. And now that St. Patrick’s Day is over, I am asking you all to think of all the “lucky” things you have in your life. It may not seem it, but I bet you’re luckier than you think.



Anna King, 16, is a featured contributor to Good Vibes. She is a life long friend of The Life is Good Company, and we were lucky to meet her and be a part of her amazing journey. After a 832 days on the heart transplant waiting list, in August of 2014 Anna received the ultimate gift. Each day she is a constant inspiration. To learn more about Anna’s story visit Consider becoming an organ donor: #Loveofadonor