Alaska | He is My Hero

I am completely blessed because of him.

Curtis Willis, my husband. He was my childhood sweetheart and we found each other (he found me) 23 years later. Both of us had gone through tough times for years, but when we got back together he became my champion – my hero. He is always calm and gets along well with everyone he meets. We have fun meeting new people. Whenever I get down or feel stressed, Curt helps me get things back into perspective every time. He is amazing to my special needs son who lives with us and helps me make sure my son is busy and active all the time. He’ll go through snow storms to get him to the activity. Recently I had major neck surgery, he asked to be off with me that first week home. Took such great care of me, then he took the next week off because he didn’t think I’d be okay by myself. He was a volunteer firefighter/EMT for 18 years, but stopped so he could be there for my son and I. He is my hero, Prince Charming, and my Angel. I am completely blessed because of him.

– Tina W.



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