A Playmaker in South Africa

In need of a little fuel for your day? The Life is Good Playmakers Play Love Heal series is just what you need.

The Life is good Playmakers partner with frontline professionals – such as teachers, social workers and child life specialists – who dedicate their lives to helping children overcome poverty, violence and illness. These Playmakers use the power of play to build healing, life-changing relationships with the children in their care. To learn more about the Life is good Playmakers and to donate, visit lifeisgood.com/playmakers


The Life is Good Playmakers are everywhere. And wherever their journey takes them, they always bring with them leadership and joy. Through Playmakers, people like Carrie Legeyt are given the chance to spread joy to fellow optimists and fill themselves with joy at the same time.

Carrie traveled to a township in South Africa where she worked with young students in the community. “I spent one week in and out of various classrooms. I met hundreds of children and many loving teachers. The sense of community was heartwarming, and at the same time the risk factors the children were facing were heartbreaking,” she said.

One particular experience that stuck with Carrie took place in one of the final classes she visited. It was a class of infants and toddlers, and to engage them Carrie asked permission to play some games. She brought a large blanket to use as a makeshift parachute. Carrie wrote “The up and down motion instantly brought a smile to the teacher’s face and the children quickly engaged. The room went from a dark and dreary atmosphere to a space that was elated with smiles.”

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