We all know there are some great health benefits to being an optimist, but how do people actually stay so positive all the time?  We'll help you get started.

1. They don’t get bummed out by the weather.

Because rain just means puddle jumping and snow means sledding and storms mean you get to watch a free lightning show.
TIP:  Don’t grumble the next time the Weatherman predicts inclement weather. Embrace it! Invest in some bright rain boots and an umbrella in a fun print. Then every time it rains, you’ll be excited to use all your fun rain gear!


2.  They see failure as a learning experience.

Failing is not the end of the world, it’s a part of life! Everyone makes mistakes and no one starts out as an expert. There’s a learning curve with everything and not getting things right the first time just means that you’ve learned something.
TIP:  Embrace the curve, accept the failure, and try again next time.


3.  They’re flexible.

Plans change? Awesome — an excuse for a new adventure! Being an optimist is all about your perspective. If you think that a change in plans means the day is ruined, then it is. But if you embrace unforeseen circumstances and roll with the punches, then you open yourself up to a slew of new, even better, experiences.
TIP:  Stay open to new ideas and give up being so strict about the plan. Plan A may be great, but so is Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E…


4.  They put a positive spin on things.

Negative people, negative words, and negative thoughts don’t exist in the world of the optimist. Instead, they spin everything they can into a positive.
TIP:  Infuse your outlook with positive words and phrases. Optimistic thinking can have awesome consequences. It’s the difference between: “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that” and “I will figure out a way to make that work.” See? We feel better already.


5.  They embrace the roller coaster.

No, not actual roller coasters — though we’re sure many love those too — we mean metaphorical roller coasters. There are ups and downs in life, and true optimists know to take the good with the bad.
TIP: Embrace the crappy days and the setbacks. Let yourself be sad or disappointed. But know it’s only temporary and that brighter days are ahead.


6.  They let things go.

What did he mean by that? Why didn’t she say hi to me? Resist the urge to over analyze social situations, hunting for ulterior motives, and simply let it go.
TIP:  Take a deep breath and focus on positive things more worthy of your attention.


7.  They live in the moment.

Optimists fully embrace the moment and the place they’re in.
TIP:  Sing in the shower, dance in the elevator, and open up your eyes to new opportunities for fun. Whatever you do:  put the cell phone down. No need to scroll through a newsfeed to see what everyone else is doing. The most important moment in an optimist’s life is the one they’re living.


8.  They count their blessings.

When you’re reflecting on all the great things in your life, it leaves very little room to dwell on the bad stuff.
TIP: Keep a gratitude journal, where you write down three things from your day that you are grateful for. At the end of the year when you flip through, you will be awash in positive memories and good vibes.


9.  They’re cheerleaders for others.

The best way to turn your day around is to help someone else turn their day around. Doing something nice for someone boosts our happiness. Believing in others is about being positive — you know they can do it even if they’re doubting themselves. An optimist knows they have it in them and helps them to realize that.
TIP:  Go ahead:  make someone’s day.

Being an optimist doesn’t mean that you are naive that there are challenges in the world, but that you can see light even during times of darkness. Life isn’t easy, life isn’t perfect, but Life is Good.