Stuck in a rut?  We have 50 ideas to help you have more fun and put a smile on your face.


1. Elevator dance party.

2. Whistle the theme to “Jurassic Park.”

3. Make a new friend on your morning commute.

4. Wink at someone.

5. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

6. Send a postcard from your hometown to a friend living far away.

7. Eat breakfast foods at dinner. 

8. Finger paint.

9. Challenge someone to a foot race.

10. Wear polka dots.

11. Rock out to a new playlist.

12. Challenge a friend to a board game.

13. Do the crossword.

14. Stage a water balloon fight.

15. Nerf guns.

16. Snuggle a puppy.

17. Put the TV on mute and make up your own dialog.

18. Plants some flowers.

19. Look up at the clouds.

20. Walk barefoot through grass.

21. Applaud street musicians.

22. Hula hoop competition.

23. Instead of walking, skip everywhere.

24. Drink through a silly straw.

25. Talk with an accent for the entire day.

26. Doodle in the margins.

27. Try a new recipe.

28. Check out some live music.

29. Perform a random act of kindness.

30. Teach yourself how to play an instrument.

31. Learn a new joke.

32. High five a stranger.

33. Write a love note.

34. Plant some seeds.

35. Jump in a pool.

36. Take a nap.

37. Put your feet up.

38. Turn off your cell phone.

39. Memorize a poem.

40. Explore nature.

41. Take a new route home from work.

42. Play some Frisbee.

43. Teach a kid how to tie their shoes.

44. Plan a trip.

45. Paint your toenails neon pink.

46. Drink a milkshake.

47. Climb a tree.

48. Set your ringtone to something silly.

49. Ride a bike.

50. Spin around in your desk chair.


Do what you love.
Love what you do.