To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we took a look back at what makes life good for us.

Today’s a good day. Because of you, tomorrow’s looking good too. Here are 20 reasons life is good for us here at Life is good.


1.        We have been able to spread good vibes farther than we ever imagined.

2.        Everyday can be a good day, if you focus on the one good thing that went right today. (Thanks Joan!)

3.        The dream that leads Bert and John today is the same as it was 20 years ago

4.        Our good friend Jake!

5.        We have found that optimism can take you anywhere.

6.        The loyal customers who have been our driving force from day one.

7.        The smiling faces of all the kids who work with our unbelievable Life is good Playmakers.

Photo Credit: Nancy Farese

8.        The simple pleasure of throwing a Frisbee. 

9.       The power of our amazing community, raising $11 million to help kids in need.

10.      The strength of everyday optimists. (Like Anna King!)

11.      That PB&J’s are always good, no matter how old we get.

12.      We got to enjoy the 90’s, and all the styles that came with that wonderful decade.

13.      You can do unbelievable things with a parachute.

14.      Focusing on what’s right with the world instead of what’s wrong with the world.

15.      The right decision and the right decision for business are the same thing.

16.      Unforgettable memories from the Pumpkin Fest to the Festivals in Canton.

17.      We have learned that great music has the best messages (Like Jack Johnson!) .

18.      A simple tee, and a simple message can take you anywhere.

19.      Make sure you never take yourself too seriously.

20.      Our dream is becoming reality every day. This is only the beginning of our journey.