10 Ways to Show Yourself Love

Love | Life is Good

Be kind to others, but don’t forget to love yourself, too.

Most of us have plenty of the warm fuzzy stuff to go around. We share it generously with friends, family members, partners, and pets, but when’s the last time you took the time to extend that same compassion to yourself?

Try as you might, you can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s an old adage that rings truer than ever in our fast-paced world — and in order to be your happiest and healthiest self, you have to care for yourself first. Far from being selfish, self-care recharges your batteries, making it easier to share love and compassion with everyone else in your orbit. Win-win, right?

So, try it on for size: Banish negative self-talk, amp up the kindness, and refill that self-loving tank. Here are a few tried-and-true self-care techniques to kickstart your practice.

  1. Do something you love every day

  2. Get up early to watch the sun rise

  3. Blast your favorite songs and dance around the house

  4. Go on a solo day trip

  5. Start a gratitude journal

  6. Make a home-cooked meal

  7. Take up a new hobby

  8. Reconnect with an old friend

  9. Unplug from technology

  10. Laugh, loudly and often.

And, most of all, keep the positivity flowing. It’s easy to let self-care slip, especially when life gets busy, but make it a priority to replenish yourself. After all, love really is all you need — it just has to begin with you.