Middle school is a hard time. Two Oregon students are doing what they can to inspire confidence in their peers. 

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Avery Burn and Ganae Vanek, both seventh graders at a middle school in Oregon, were stuck on what to put forward as part of the Destination Imagination Challenge. The challenge was to identify an issue in their community and think up a solution for the problem. Both girls knew that body image was an issue in their age group, so they decided to do something to change that.

The pair received a donation of 100 mirrors from Sephora and decided to write positive messages on the mirrors and hand them out to classmates. According to the Huffington Post, they wrote messages such as “You are inspiring” and “You are brilliant”. After a positive response from both their classmates and the school, the pair hope to take their project to other schools around the country. The issue of body shaming and self criticism is very important in the middle school age group; Burn and Vanek continue to make strides for girls their age.

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