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Build-A-Bear Workshops

Build-A-Bear Workshops

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani

Sound like you?

Your version of three little words is “Win Win Win”. When it’s right, you know it in your bones. You have a crazy talent for finding common ground with like-minded brands and businesses and making rain. If your talent is backed up by some significant and broad experience, read on.

Your Objective

To identify, secure and manage relationships with the strategic partners who most effectively meet all of our partnership criteria: fuel the Life is Good brand awareness, grow market reach and deliver revenue.

 Your Job

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

This is a critical role in the organization focused on significantly building our brand awareness and revenue. In collaboration with the President, you will set the strategy for expanding the brand through partnerships and collaborations. You will bring your deep understanding of the brand. You’ll share your experience and insight into how partnerships can fuel growth.

In this dynamic position, you will identify and cultivate partnerships that range from brand licensing, marketing/fundraising, corporate relationships, entertainment/media and global expansion.  You will focus your partnership efforts on true market leaders with deep resources. You will be working with senior level executives across a wide array of industries, based on existing brand relationships and your own network.  Internally, you will lead the execution of new initiatives which requires building internal momentum, teams and project plans. To assist you in this critical role, you will manage a team of 3 professionals with individual focus on managing the day-to-day of licensing partnerships, marketing/fundraising partnerships and corporate programs.

You will also be a key member of the Life is Good leadership team.  In this capacity, you will be thinking as the Strategic Partnership department head and as an overall company leader.  You will help build and execute overall company strategy and assist other members of the leadership team in problem solving and achieving objectives. rue market leaders with deep resources as partners

Examples of Things You Have Done

  • You have developed and implemented successful brand expansion strategies.
  • You have creatively found common ground with potential partners.
  • You have successfully executed significant partnerships that enrich and strengthen both parties.
  • Your past successes include a variety of industries,partnerships and deals.
  • You thrive on uncertainty and love bringing new concepts to life.
  • You have worked with senior level partners while developing outstanding internal and external relationships.
  • Your past work includes identifying, securing and managing brand licensing partners.
  • You have secured and executed a variety of high-impact marketing partnerships.
  • Your experience includes international expansion/international markets.
  • You have initiated and collaborated on media that brings brands to life: entertainment, influencer, publishing and more.

 Examples of Things You Will Do

  • Gather insights and knowledge about the Life is Good brand at the highest level and develop a strategic partnership plan to meet short and long-term objectives.
  • Demonstrate successful top-level representation of the Life is Good brand.
  • Partner with all stakeholders in the Life is Good organization (wholesale, ecommerce, product, marketing, operations, Life is Good Kids Foundation) to determine their strategic needs and how partnerships can help achieve them.
  • Provide leadership needed to establish, inspire and and motivate internal and external teams.
  • Identify and cultivate brand-enhancing partnership opportunities.
  • Provide and manage project and resource plans across all partnerships including licensing, marketing, fundraising, entertainment and global relationships.
  • Be a strategic partner to the President and an active member of the senior leadership team.
  • Provide excellent cultural leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Your Personal Attributes

  • Be an enthusiastic brand ambassador
  • Embody the Life is Good mission and Super Powers at all times
  • Have a player-coach mentality
  • Speak and write clearly, simply and succinctly
  • Present a consistently steady and optimistic demeanor
  • Share our passion for social impact

 How you’ll know you’re successful

  • You will have delivered and executed on a short and long term brand expansion plan
  • You will have developed strong internal and external relationships that fuel the brand
  • Our President and Co-founders tell you “you get it” on a brand and strategic level
  • Our President and Co-founders trust you to be the lead representative of the brand to external partners
  • You and your team meet your annual goals
  • Others view you as brand leader, a “company first” role model who uses superpowers consistently to grow our brand, business, community and culture

Experience and qualifications:

  • Minimum of 10 years in brand marketing, licensing or business development in related industries.
  • Knowledge of licensing and partnership negotiation
  • Experience in international markets
  • Strong manager of direct teams and cross-functional teams
  • Strong external network
  • MBA preferred

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