Are you a frontline professional working with children, many of whom suffer the effects of trauma through chronic exposure to poverty, violence and illness? The first step is to gain a deep understanding of the power of play to help heal and strengthen these children.

Playfulness is the single most important quality that we can nurture in children. Without joyful play, no child can grow up healthy. Young children who have experienced trauma in any of its many forms often need specialized guidance to help them engage the world playfully. Through joyful play, children experience greater connection with their caregivers, parents, and peers. They develop a sense of competence and self-worth. And they learn to express their feelings in healthy, productive ways.

The impact of healthy, guided play on young children exposed to trauma is real and measurable. Developing an intentional and skillful approach to play is essential to the success of effective care providers. You will learn to do that in a powerful, one-day awareness-building workshop called PLAYMAKER 101: FOUNDATIONS OF PLAYMAKING.

In Playmaker 101, you will deepen your knowledge of the impact of trauma on children's health and wellbeing. And you will learn how "playful engagement" can help you build transformative relationships with children that facilitate their recovery from trauma.

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