New Mexico | Hope to Be Like Her



The person who inspires me to be a better human every day is my aunt Yolanda. She is a retired elementary school teacher who to this day has past students with kids of their own come up and offer thanks for her teaching.

SheĀ graduated from Western New Mexico University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education in 1971 and then a Master of Arts in 1976. She taught for almost 25 years inĀ bilingual education in the 3rd and 5th grades at Alameda Elementary School here in Las Cruces. She was recognized by “Who’s who among Americas teachers” in 1995.Ā  To beĀ featuredĀ in this magazine the teacher has to be nominated by previous students, the students have to graduate in the top 10% nationwide for their nominations to be considered. She is theĀ third oldest ofĀ seven kids and the first one to go to college and get a degree. Ā 

She doesn’t curse, she has no malice towards anyone, she always finds the good in people and she an amazing Christian woman. She has offered words of wisdom to me and has been there for me even when my own immediate family was not. I hope that when I leave this earth, I would be at least half the woman she is.


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