New Jersey | A Strong, Humble Young Man



My son Chris. At the age of 12 he was diagnosed with brain cancer and hydrocephalus . He was treated wth radiation and a shunt was placed. During this period and over the next 8 years he has had 21 surgeries, been diagnosed with constant bilateral trigeminal neuralgia, brain hemorrhage, intractapl hiccups, vestibular loss and more.. Chris wasn’t able to attend school very often so he missed out on a lot of the experience most teenagers do. However, this has not made him bitter in anyway. He has started his own non profit – Chris’s Fight For A Cure. He wants to give back, pay forward for all … He gives a scholarship to a local student each year, does a gift drive every holiday for the local children’s hospital, gives support where needed and gift bags to families gong through illnesses. All the while still trying to bring awareness for diseases and raise money for research. Not only is he performing those tasks, he was able to graduate high school in 2013 as class Salutorian and just recently received his Associates in Science with honors.  Each day while watching him struggle, going back and forth to appointments I never hear him complain or want any pity. He prefers the spotlight not on him but on others. He fights the fight and says he is glad for all that he has gone through for it has made hm the person today.  A strong, humble young man… For this and so much more my son Chris is my forever Hero !!




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