Montana | Serves Veterans in Any Way



My oldest brother, Matt joined the Army at age 17. Left high school and my family to be a soldier and immediately was sent off as the first boots on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11. He was an American hero, but a whole new challenge arose as a medically retired veteran.

My brother overcame, injuries, chronic pain and slight brain damage to be a loving father and husband and just received a bachelor’s degree. He is an inspiration of taking the bad and making it good and has a ministry that serves veterans in any way. He is continuing on to get his Masters and inspires other veterans who are suffering from injuries and PTSD to see how it doesn’t have to destroy your life. He is positive and full of optimism and chooses to take all the pain to create something good.

He is a war hero, a community hero, and a real hero of optimism.

– Natalie



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