One Lyft driver in San Francisco is doing something small to make a difference. 

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In San Francisco, one Lyft driver is doing something small to make a difference in a few people’s lives. Zia Ahmed picks up many people a day, and instead of sitting in silence, he encourages them to write a message in a notebook that he keeps in his car. Not any message though—he wants current customers to write to future passengers.

The project is called Lyft Me Up San Francisco. He’s compiling the most enlightening and thought-provoking bits in to a book, which will be out in late May.

Ahmed told the Huffington Post that he wanted to “capture the culture of San Francisco—the culture of the people.” He got the idea after being inspired by many of the conversations that he was having with his passengers.

See some of the notes received below for some uplifting inspiration. All photos via Zia Ahmed.

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