Kansas | Tirelessly Works to Help



Tammy tirelessly works to help alcoholic women and drug addicts at her substance abuse treatment center, City on a Hill. She stays in contact with many of the graduates. As some relapse she helps them find the fortitude to push on. I admire her as she finds the good in those that many would pass by, helping to rebuild families broken by substance abuse.

Tammy Lund is the Vice President and visionary of City on a Hill, a women’s inpatient substance abuse treatment center.  She has 26 years of sobriety. Her vision for a treatment center began in 2003 when she talked with people over coffee at the restaurant she operated.

In 2005, she and her husband Chris began raising funds. Since 2008, City on a Hill has had over 690 women come through its doors with a higher than average success rate. 

Her quote: The women that change their lives, change their kids lives and they break the cycle.  



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