Indiana | Lives a Life of Service to Others



My friend Holly is a true blessing to our human race. She does her utmost to live a life of service to others in order to brighten the world and help others be the best they can possibly be.

She recently left an executive level position at a prominent university to take the helm of a non-profit group located in the heart of Indianapolis called Freewheelin’ Community Bikes. Their mission is to take used bicycles, donated from the local community, and use them to teach children about maintenance and safety while providing them a safe place to have fun.

Along the way, the kids find out a lot about themselves, learn about leadership and service to others, and ultimately, earn their very own bike. Holly devotes countless hours, far more than a typical work week, to ensure the kids, her staff, and her many volunteers have what they need to put smiles on the kid’s faces. She’s the very embodiment of the term selfless service. The world would be a much better place indeed if we could spread her sunshine throughout the hearts and minds who so desperately need it.



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