Nicole Atkins: To Love and To Party

Nicole Atkins has spent her career in a dreamy song-scape, writing songs built upon a singer-songwriter's sensibilities, but with the flavor of dark and dreamy noir. Despite this artistic slant towards the ethereal and dramatic, Nicole is a Jersey-girl -- approachable and real.

Over the course of her career, she has name-dropped and written extensively about her family background and hometown. In the fulfillment of any New Jersey musician’s dream, last year she had the opportunity to sit with Bruce Springsteen for some career advice. He gave her a boost of confidence and also some real world support by directing his fans to help fund her new album’s Kickstarter page.

The resulting album, "Slow Phaser," was funded entirely by her fans and represents a turning point for Nicole Atkins. The music on "Slow Phaser" has more danceable and upbeat tempos than her previous efforts, but the spirit is still the same. Her voice is smoky and her lyrics take you on a journey to places much further away than New Jersey.


Nicole Atkins Interview:  To Love and to Party

"Girl You Look Amazing"

"Who Killed the Moonlight"