A poem about superpowers.

Superpowers by IN-Q

When I think of superheroes

I think of superhuman

I think of Superman

Wolverine and Wonder Woman

Usually they have a cape

Or a mask to hide their face

Just in case

They have X-ray vision and superhuman strength

Some can even breathe in outer space

They fly around a while but always come back to keep our

Cities safe

They’re here to save humanity from itself

It’s a metaphor for how we look outside ourselves for help


And while the fantasies are fun

I choose to look to me and you

We don’t need superheroes

We have superpowers too


It starts with being OPEN in the moment

If we do than we can own it

Besides it will be gone before we know it so don’t blow it

We owe it to this second of eternity to show up

Embrace the possibilities and slow up

Take a breath and look around

See the sights and hear the sounds

Feel the ground

Notice there’s a reason that you’re in the now

You could be anywhere and yet you’re here

When you accept it as your own you begin to overcome

Your fears


And real COURAGE is looking in the mirror

It’s deciding what you want to do

Then making it appear

Innovating out of thin air

You must be doing something right if you are scared

Otherwise you wouldn’t care

It’s a process to get from here to there

You’re on the journey and you’re learning

But building muscle means your gonna feel the burning



Don’t deny it

Try it

See if it can work for you

Change perspective to get a different view

And don’t forget you gotta laugh at the truth


Cause sometimes a sense of HUMOR is the only thing

That pulls you through

It’s medicine when you can let it in

An attitude of GRATITUDE

So even if the storm clouds block the blue from your sky

You’ll remember that the sun is waiting for you on the

Other side


And having FUN is something you must decide

From the lows to the highs

It’s all a part of the ride

I can throw my hands up or hold on for dear life

But I’d rather live once than make the same mistake twice


COMPASSION is my passion

Empathy is my gift

But my growth is incremental as my consciousness shifts

So I CREATE from the abyss

Turning pain into gold

I’m an alchemist



I believe that Life is Good

Even when it hurts to see

I believe in superpowers

And I believe in you and me

I believe in superheroes but I don’t look for them flying


Cause they exist inside of us all and WE save the day



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This article is excerpted and adapted from the book Life is Good by Bert and John Jacobs, published by National Geographic on September 1, 2015. Copyright © 2015 The Life is Good Company.