Maryland | She Has a Heart for Children



My wife, Connie. We are the biological parents to 3 sons, the oldest of which is mentally and physically disabled. As a teachers assistant at our local special education center she came across a blind and deaf child who lived in a group home. She asked me if we could be his foster family. She made all the necessary arrangements and became foster parents for medically fragile children.

Long story short, we have adopted every placement we’ve had but one. We just adopted our 5th and 6th child. All have some form of disability and one passed away last mothers day. She has a heart for children who no one else seems to want and we offer them a life and a home that provides the stability they desire and the love they deserve. She creates a desire in me and all of her peers to be better than we could ever imagine while having an attitude that all she does is no big deal.


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